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Need to up your vegan snacking game?

360 Plant Based is your perfect solution to always craving delicious vegan food and drink, without the hassle of going out!

With our monthly assorted vegan snack boxes, you'll always have your kitchen at it's peak, simply choose a subscription plan and forget about it, it'll show up right to your mailbox ready to be devoured.

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Learn more about our subscription boxes and plans!

Delicious vegan snacks delivered to your door, choose from the different plans depending on your preference! 

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Gift cards now available for your loved ones!

Check our Gift Card options to find the right one for you!


About Us


At 360 Plant Based, we believe that everyday veganism should be easier, so that's what we've done!

With an ever-growing range of vegan food and drink available, finding the best vegan products has never been easier.


Featured Products

Everyone needs protein, that's a fact. 

However, with Boomer's Organic Vegan Protein, that task just became 100x easier. 

Whether you mix it into meals, smoothies, or simply with water or plant-based milk, you'll be certain to get the right amount of protein!

Boomer's Protein

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